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Ahead of the Curve: ZEN's Gaming DNA Combines Social, Free Play and Wager

"We see an accelerating convergence between social games and ultimately wager-based play. We are positioning our product to meet those demands and serve an increasingly sophisticated range of online games consumers. This strategy lets our network partners position themselves on the forefront of the rapidly evolving online games industry quickly and affordably." CEO, ZEN Entertainment, Boston Globe, January 19th, 2012.


Brands are beginning to understand the power of social and casual games. Casino operators are beginning to realize they need a social relationship with their land-based players while simultaneously preparing for legalized online gaming.


Meanwhile, players are increasingly "crossing over" among different forms of gaming - Social, Free-Play and Wager. And, while the monetization techniques in each form of gaming are unique, the need for deep engagement Is not. Engaging game mechanics, exciting tournament structures, the ability to choose between game formats and a robust social community are the key success factors in all gaming markets. These are all components of ZEN's DNA.