ZEN Entertainment
Instant Community: Instant Liquidity
  • Over 750,000 registered users
  • More than 30,000 daily player visits
  • More than 4,500 peak concurrent players

Start With a Turnkey Community

Tap into a Community of More Than 30,000 Daily Player Visits

Building a robust online player community takes commitment of capital, countless man hours, compelling content and lots of people showing up to participate. Whether you are a brand seeking to 'gamify' your online presence to capture the attention of your prospects or a casino operator preparing for a future of online gaming, the ZEN Network of over 750,000 registered users is an ideal tool for building a loyal community.

ZEN's "pooled liquidity" structure lets partners quickly tap into this existing community from the moment of launch and take advantage of turnkey promotional and community management programs designed to keep them engaged.

Leverage Our Games to Build Your Player Base Quickly

What percentage of your site visitors stay long enough to tell you who they are or how to reach them again?

In a recent experiment, our core brand converted over 43% of landing page visitors to registered players. Forty-three percent qualified themselves by sharing their email address, location and date of birth in exchange for the opportunity to engage in free games in a branded environment.