ZEN Entertainment
Deep Engagement
  • 67 minute average player sessions
  • 10 hours of session-play per month per player
  • 27% monthly to daily average player conversion

Leverage Proven Game Mechanics

ZEN's game platform is designed to keep players engaged longer and keep them coming back for more. We carefully select games with proven ‘sticking power’. We then utilize a proprietary suite of viral and social hooks to boost player’s sense of achievement and community participation, making the journey as fun as the win. Outside of the game environment, our advanced customer segmentation and personalization capabilities allow our partners to reach out to players between game sessions and drive them back again and again.

Know your customer

We gather insights from in-game behavior, daily trivia and surveys, responses to offers and more. Then we translate it in to meaningful customer insights for our partners. Player profiles provide demographic data like age, location and gender and customer surveys provide detailed insights on additional demographic characteristics, consumer preferences and interests.

Quickly and easily identify your most valuable players so you can target special offers for them and find more players like them.  ZEN's platform and community management services help to build a community of loyal players and to deepen your understanding of its members over time.

Target Your Offers

Players in our database are 'keyword tagged' based on their game behavior and survey responses. Messaging and offers can be targeted to appropriate player segments based on both profile data and keyword matches. Targeted offers increase response, improve the player experience, enhance engagement, reduce message fatigue and lift the visibility of relevant offers.

The more you reach prospects with messages that are relevant and valuable to them, the more they will reward you with their attention and loyalty.

Immersive Environments and the Drive Toward Gamification

In the last 24 months, we’ve seen a growing trend towards gamification of customer interactions across consumer-facing industries. A growing body of evidence supports the value of creating a gamified dialogue with prospects to build brand loyalty and to create future opportunities.
In parallel, industry trends demonstrate that audiences are continually seeking new experiences, new challenges and variety in their online experience.  Our team is focused on observing and responding to user behavior with a continually evolving suite of product offerings designed to maximize time on device and customer lifetime – which translates to interaction time with our partners’ brands.