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Brand Immersion

The Branded Experience

We Create Brand Evangelists!

From the moment your first prospect logs in to your online casino, they experience a brand-immersive gaming environment. By leveraging the player liquidity of ZEN's network, you avoid the work of bootstrapping your player community, building your ecosystem, and struggling to achieve critical mass. A vital community already exists, and each player you bring on experiences that community in your branded environment including lobby, game rooms, tables, card backs, promotional messaging and customer support.

ZEN’s community management team extends the branded experience by encouraging participation in your gaming community via multiple social and online channels. They stimulate dialogue beyond the mechanics of the game, encourage connections between community members and create a receptive environment for brands to participate in the conversation.

From Ads to Branded Ecosystem

Unlike the "skinned" games of the past, ZEN's platform moves beyond providing marketing collateral to players. It functions as an immersive, long-form advertisement for your products, services and promotions delivered through a game where customers willingly and passionately participate for hours at a time. Simultaneously, it collects detailed retargeting data that would normally cost millions to data-mine, all supported by ZEN's community management experts.

Our multi-interface games and cross channel communications platform let you reach out and drive action both online and to bricks & mortar locations.

ZEN Pyramid

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